About This Site

Started as a dumping ground for wine recommendations friends and family were asking us for, Winethropology.com is now a go-to resource for winos around the world.

Written with the common sense belief that reviews ought to be honest, Winethropology fills a gap in wine reviews by helping readers decide not just what to buy, but also what not to buy.  Our wine ratings are also simple without too much technical jargon.  And rather than evaluate quality in a vacuum, our reviews take pricing into account.

We often review wines that are submitted or gifted to us by wineries, distributors, or even friends of the site who want our opinion.  In these cases we will be upfront about where the wine came from and why.  Otherwise, you can assume that we acquired the wines reviewed here much the same way that US consumers get their wine - from retailers around the country and from online sources.

Winethropology is offered as a public service and does not accept payment, stipends, grants, or monetary gifts from any source which also submits samples for review.  Operating expenses are covered by subscriptions and donations, as well as advertisers.  For information on advertising here, please contact us.

Finally, if you are in the camp of readers who have a question, factual correction, or contribution you'd like to make to this site, drop us a line.  We'd love to hear from you.  Really.