2007 Nikolaihof Hefeabzug Wachau Grüner Veltliner

Sometimes it's half off for a reason.

On a recent Sunday a popular retailer was hocking this wine at 50% off the original price tag of $29.99. We bit. A short while later the screw cap was off and the wine bit back.

Thin, bordering on insipid, the flavor profiles were all over the place. Many of right components for a good Grüner were all in attendance - minerality, acid, clarity - but there was nothing weaving them together. No coherence. The taste components seemed to be at odds with each other. And there was little if any body to it.

Sometimes temperature change can cause bring on adolesence in a wine, so we tried it again at room temp. No better.

Which leads us to ask the question, Why would anyone pay $15 for a wine like this let alone $30? We won't again.

The bottle stuck around to be used as cooking wine for a couple of weeks. A taste about 10 days after opening showed a minor improvement, giving credence to the possibility that it had suffered from bottle shock or some other temporary malady, but the improvement was minor.

Rating: Disappointing, over-priced. Pass.