2008 Quattro Mani Montepulciano d'Abruzzo

'O, sole mio...

Rating: Happiness red.  Yummy, with or without food.  Everything you love about Italian wine without any of the hard edges.  Lots to like about this wine, especially at this price.

The rest of the story:
Montepulciano has long been the bastard child of the Italian red wine industry.  Typically cheap, both in price and in quality, generations of winemakers have churned it out by the truckload, bottled in jugs.

Well, things have changed for a new breed of winemakers in this region southeast of Umbria and Tuscany.  Some of them have gotten serious about quality, though admittedly, there's a ceiling to how serious this grape can be.

The Quattro Mani, Italian for "Four Hands", supposedly represents the four winemakers involved in producing this wine, though scant information is available on the internet about the producers, distributors, or anything else about this wine.

We first had this wine in 2007 at Bin 26 in Chicago where is was featured by the glass.  A few years later and it's as lovable as it was then.  With no hard edges or brackish bite that can often accompany less expensive Italian varietals, there's fun in the bottle here.  The fruit is medium bodied and dark in color with a nose that gives as much as the palate.

And at $10.99, why not pull that cork?  We'll be stocking up on this one for pizza/pasta nights.