New Review Feature! Winemaker Comments

Effective immediately, Winethropology will be posting wineries' responses to our wine reviews.

Regular readers of this site know that we make it a point to contact the wineries whose wines we review.  Here's how that works:

Often times we will contact a winery for research background on a wine - sometimes by phone and sometimes by email.  Most of the time we get very quick and helpful replies from knowledgeable, friendly winery folks ranging from PR firms to the winemakers themselves.

Either way, we send the winery an email that says...
My name is [name of one of the hundreds of Winethropology staffers] and I write for a wine review blog.  We're covering the [name of wine being reviewed] this month and thought we'd share the review with you.  If there are any inaccuracies, we hope you'll let us know.
[link to the review]

Regardless of whether we panned the wine or showered it with praise, we get thoughtful, professional responses.  Most of the time.

Anyway, in fairness to producers and readers, these wineries will get space for their responses.  So, we will be including responses - good,bad, and ugly - to reviews from wineries along with the reviews. 

Here is a consolidated list of responses to previously reviewed wines.

Big thanks to Winethropology reader and friend Andy Emerson for this terrific suggestion.