NV Niepoort Tawny Port

Candy for grown-ups.

Those of us fortunate enough to live where nature graces us with an honest change of seasons, the cooler weather is upon us.  Leaves are off the trees and the countdown to shoveling has begun.

Now for the good news.

It's port weather!  Warm blankets, cozy fires, rich food, and port.  Yummy, yummy port.

Niepoort has been an independent family-run porto house for the last 160 years.  One of the most respected names in the port world, the Niepoort family is responsible for some incredible wines.  Chief among them is the 1994 Vintage port - certainly among the best ports ever made.

This wine, however, is not.  But that's okay. 

The entry level wine is cask-aged for three and a half years.  And it's a good starting point for their lineup.  Raisiny and a bit hot, it's harsher points fade after a few sips.  Never aspiring to greatness, it's a simple tawny.  But even a simple tawny is like candy, pizza, and sex: Never bad. 

According Niepoort's website, this wine will "keep well for several years, although the wine will not improve with age.  It contains no sediment and need not be decanted."

We paid $17.99 for this bottle and have seen it as high as $19.99.  With so many other high quality/value dessert wine options on the shelves these days (especially from Australia), we won't be rushing back for another bottle of this.  But we won't complain about having to drink the rest of it.

Rating: Blue chip name at an entry level price - and entry level quality - and likeable nonetheless.