Holiday Gift Bottles

Naughty or nice?

In our last post we covered holiday house wines - wines to keep on hand for the occasional "stop in" that tends to happen during the holiday season. 

But what about all the gifts you've got to buy this year?

Sure, you could go to the mall for fur-lined gloves and enjoy all that cultural experience has to offer.  Or you could get your favorite wine lover (or favorite blogger) something they'll really enjoy. 

So, here are some suggestions for the wine lovers on your list at a couple of different price points.  These wines all have a track record of consistency, so vintage is less important and they are all guaranteed to please.

These wines are also made is significant enough quantities that they should be widely available.  Happy shopping!

Chateau Ste Michelle Chardonnay Canoe Ridge $19
Lioco Chardonnay Sonoma County $20
Cakebread Suavignon Blanc Napa Valley $24
Ridge Chardonnay Santa Cruz Mountains $40

Bogle Phantom $20
St Francis Zinfandel Sonoma County $20
Canard Cabernet Napa Valley $27
Foley Pinot Noir Rancho Santa Rosa $36
Burgess Cellars Cabernet Napa Valley $36
Alta Moncayo Veraton $37
Girard Artistry Red Wine Napa Valley $40

Dessert Wines:
Yalumba Museum Tawny $15
Niepoort Tawny $18
Graham's Vintage Port $75