2007 Cameron Hughes Lot 127 Chardonnay Carneros


Rating: Over delivers on every component to the point of being spastic.  Unrestrained and unstructured.  Like that muscle-bound guy in high school you knew was on roids. $14-ish.

The rest of the story: After our last experience with a Cameron Hughes wine, we had high expectations for this Chardonnay.  And in anticipation of a high-end chard, we initially tasted this one at cellar temp.

Our reaction: Oiy. It's too much.

We are big fans of Cameron Hughes' business model.  And we will be reviewing more of his wines in the weeks and months ahead.  But this one was an eye-opener- and not in a good way.  Hopefully just an anomaly.

It might be easy to let the light color in the glass deceive you, but this is a big wine.  It's really big.  Big, creamy fruit and toasted oak are followed by a long aftertaste with lots of residual sugar.  Each of these characteristics are overly rich and flabby to the point of unwieldy.  Unrestrained and unstructured. Almost spastic.  Like listening to music that's turned up too loud.

It may appeal to those who prefer unapologetic buttery-oaked Cali Chard, but this just seemed to be too much for us to appreciate.  It's hard to believe this is the same vintage, appellation, and winery as Lot 127

We paid $13.99 for it on clearance at Whole Foods.