Must Try Wines of 2009

So Much Wine, So Little Time...

What a year it's been for wine.  The calamity of world wide recession hasn't stopped the wine producers of the world from turning out extraordinary wines.  If anything, it's brought merchants a much-needed dose of reality to pricing, and to us - the consumers - better access to quality wines of particular value.

We have had the good fortune to drink a lot of terrific wine this year.  A lot.  So, it's impossible to be comprehensive in any listing of "Best of" wines, let alone prioritize them.  Instead, we're simply listing some wines we feel you'd be remiss in not trying.  Each of these is a must-try for different reasons, but all represent unique values worth seeking out more than many others.

There happen to 10 of them (pure coincidence) which was actually a lot harder than listing 50 - or even more.  And we put them in alphabetical order to dissuade anyone from making the interpretation that we have a #1 wine ('cause we don't - we have a bunch of 'em).

Pricing is what we paid, not including shipping, if any.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we have.  Happy New Year!

2005 Alto Moncayo Garnacha Campo de Borja - $50
A world class wine of incredible dimensions.  Fifty bucks is a lot, but in this case, it is an experience worth saving up for.

2001 Bedford Thompson Cabernet Franc Santa Barbara County - $21
A lovely example of how an pre-release aged wine can yield depth, grace, and finesse.  Incredible value.  A complete review of this wine will be forthcoming in the new year.

2007 Beringer Cabernet Knights Valley - $21
An exciting, high performance wine with something for everybody - rich, plush, and generous.  A wealthy man's beverage.  A complete review of this wine will be forthcoming in the new year.

2006 Bogle Phantom - $20
Bogle's latest installment of this perennial favorite.  Always outstanding.

2007 Bogle Pinot Noir Russian River Valley - $15
Dollar-for-dollar the best Pinot on the market today.

2007 Edna Valley Vineyards Chardonnay Paragon  - $7
Unapologetic Cali Chard with butter and oak.  Quite possibly the best overall value in wine this year - certainly the wine we bought the most of.

2003 Galante Red Rose Hill Cabernet - $35
An extraordinary wine of unique attractions.  A celebratory wine.

2007 Gallo Family Vineyards Chardonnay Sonoma County - $11
Another example of mass production flawlessly executed.  Universally available and enjoyable.

2006 Piazzano Ventoso - $10
Italian wine for California wine drinkers- fruit, body, fun, yet still consummately Italian.  Our second most purchased wine this year.  A complete review of this wine will be forthcoming in the new year.

2008 Rodney Strong Sauvignon Blanc Charlotte's Home - $11
Summertime in a glass.  An easy go-to wine for outdoor entertaining and lighter meals.  Yum.