2007 Heavyweight Red


Rating: Fresh, tasty wine heavy on fun, light on challenging complexity.  $10

The rest of the story:  Blue Moon Wines is a family-run operation based in Walnut Creek, about 20 miles east of Oakland.  This is our first exposure to this operation and not too shabby at that.

There isn't too much information out there on this one, but what we do know is what counts:  the bottle is - wow - chock full o' fresh wine flavor.  Nice, fresh, fresh fruit....like a barrel sample.  It's got big taste in a medium-full body package.  No monumental structure or finesse to this, just an inky color that'll stain your teeth (and anything else you spill it on as you jump around with joy). 

There are so many grape flavors going that it might remind you a family wine  - old Italian style - except it's actually good (unlike that crap your old neighbor used to make in his basement).  It's driven by 76% Cab, with the balance Syrah and Zin.

Bottom line is that Casual and lovable FUN wine.  And for $10, why the hell not?