Attending the Symposium for Professional Wine Writers

Next week we head to the Meadowood resort  in St. Helena for the 2010 Symposium for Professional Wine Writers.  Well, we aren't all going. Steve's going. 


As best we can tell, this is a week-long love-in for wine, food, and travel writers, bloggers and authors.  There'll be talking about wine, learning about wine, and, yes Dorothy, drinking shitloads of it.  Now, it's not all just a boondoggle for overworked journalists - it is a legit organization with some heavy-hitting content and presenters.  Check out the line up here.

But....then...then Premiere Napa Valley, the mid-winter barrel auction for the trade, starts.  Two hundred barrels up for tasting, critiquing, and bidding.  That could qualify as a boondoggle.

Stay tuned for dispatches from these two debauchery-infested events.