Changes Are Afoot

Some of you have already noticed some changes happening with the site.  The banner title's changed, the email updates are coming from a different place, and the pace of reviews has increased.

What does it all mean?

Well, for one, we're drinking more...but you probably already knew that based on the slide in writing quality.  We're also going through a rebranding process, which is just a fancy name for changing our name.  But it's also the beginning of an Extreme Makeover - Wine Blog Edition!

Long time readers of this site may remember the New Years Resolution Contest where we attempted to entice you with free wine in exchange for some help to come up with a new name.  Thank you to all of you who submitted ideas.  (One word of advice: don't quit your day jobs, people.)  Alas, there could only be one winner.  And, you guessed it, genius, it's Winethropology.

Big thanks to our winner, Jerry Friedman.  Jerry, who doesn't even really like wine, is a creative wizard and beer-lover extraordinaire.  So, instead of free wine, we're sending him some high class suds.  Congratulations and thank you, Jerr!

What else can you expect to see as part of this extreme makeover?  Wine-related gear reviews, travel posts, interviews, soft core porn, and more.  Stick around and find out.  In the meantime, tell all your friends to check us out at