Review: 2007 Pedroncelli Red Wine Sonoma County ""

Yummy For The Tummy

Rating: Old time-style blend delivering big bang for the buck.  Hard not to love.  Great party wine with the bonus of some polish.  Solid and a gulper. $10

The Rest Of The Story: Here's one to be enthusiastic about...

Based in the Dry Creek ValleyPedroncelli has been making respectable wines at very reasonable prices for a long time.  Probably best known for their Zins, they also produce a full line up of the usual suspects as well as some interesting single-vineyards bottlings.  Almost all of their offerings are under $20.

A blend of Merlot, Zin, and Cab Franc, the cleverly packaged blend harkens back to the old days when Italian settlers made field blends - or made wine from whatever mix of varietals was planted out back.  But enough of the history...

So, this one's a little bit of a surprise.  It's a ten dollar wine.  And you manage your expectations down to the price point.  But what we've got here is delivering more than what you'd expect for ten bucks.  It's not full bodied, but it's really lively, has some real legs on it.  There's some spice probably from the Zin and a little heat in the throat, but there's so much going on in this wineDamn.  The flavors are not jammy, rather bright and varietally distinct - you can tell a lot of different grapes went into this. 

All in all a real pleaser.  Very flexible.  Good with pizza, before dinner, even a lunch wine.  Aromatic notes are also surprising and lend it an unexpected polish.  That makes this wine a solid 4 stars.  Still good after a few days open (gassed).  Wow.