Review: 2008 Four Vines Chardonnay Santa Barbara County Naked

Like Riding A Moped

Rating: Way more aromatic than the average Chardonnay.  Full bodied and an unusual finish.  Nothing mind-bending, but damn fun to drink - as long as the neighbors aren't looking...$10-14

The Rest Of The Story: Four Vines Winery, the folks who are better known for their Zins, comes this aptly named white.  Fermentation exclusively in stainless steel (hence the term naked) keeps the fruit honest...

...and that's what you get with this one.  Unadulterated Chardonnay fruit from Santa Barbara.  It's doesn't have the classic Santa Barbara county Chardonnay flavors that some of the big boys from that area do, but, hey, it only costs a sawbuck.

The 2008 Naked has very floral aromatics that continue through the aftertaste.  Flavors are bright, as are the acids which'll make your salivary glands go squirt-squirt.  Full bodied with - and here's the weird part - a slight off-dry finish.

If you stick to dry wines and have a knee jerk aversion to any trace of residual sugars, the linger of this wine might make you wince.  But then, consciously or otherwise, you'll pour yourself some more.  Like riding a moped you might find yourself saying, "I don't want to like it, but I do...."

Hey, what you do in the privacy of your own home is your business.  Enjoy.  (Clothing optional.)  We paid $9.99 for this at a grocery store.