Review: 2008 Penelope Sanchez Grenache Syrah Campo de Borja

Spanish Fruit Missile Meets Burgundian Air Biscuit

Rating:  The fragrance of a high-end Pinot with the density and structure of good Spanish Garnacha. $14

The Rest Of The Story:  Don't let the cutesy packaging fool you.  Just 'cause it's got a polka dot capsule doesn't mean it can't deliver.  It does... 

There's very little information online about this Spanish winery.  No surprise, considering how small and remote many of the wineries in Borja are.  But this is a region worth looking for at your local wine store as it seems to turn out gem after gem - and at very reasonable prices.

This is one of those wines. 

Smacking you in the face with a superintoxicating nose that brings expensive Pinot Noir to mind, it introduces itself with oomph.

Pouring it into a glass or decanter, the bubbles are a deeep violet color giving a sense of the density of the wine.  Full bodied with all kinds of bright flavors going on, the Penelope can be an interesting wine if you stop to think about it long enough.  But it's not a wine that demands thought to appreciate. 

The long, almost cloying finish is pleasant and lingering.  No idea what the treatment is on this wine, but it tastes like it might have a dollop of American oak.

Easy to enjoy with or without food.  Not a blockbuster, but definitely a winner in a cutesy bottle.  3000 cases made.