Another Winner From Up North

Review: 2008 Chateau Grand Traverse Dry Riesling

Rating: Fresh, crisp, delicious.  Riesling for non-believers.  Total deal.  $12.49

The Rest Of The Story: We recently raised some eyebrows with a four star review of a white blend called Ship Of Fools.  Turns out some folks have a hard time believing that good wine is made outside Napa Valley.  And to them we say...
...don't deny yourself the pleasure any longer.  Go ahead, live dangerously, try something different.

For the background on Chateau Grand Traverse, check out the SOF review.  Though definitely a different wine, the 2008 Dry Riesling is pretty much a do-over in many respects.  It's good, damned easy to drink, and a crowd pleaser.  Not to mention a real shocker when people find out it's from Michigan.

With aromatics that make you swoon, the nose on this wine screams spring.  Fresh fruit flavors are kept from getting gushy by dry, balanced acids.  This was poured in mixed company - blind - and, once again, to unsolicited ravings.

Do we like it enough to get again?  Oh, yeah.  Should you?  Absolutely.