Call To Action

Dear Readers,

Congress, in its infinite wisdom, has decided to entertain a new bill introduced by the NBWA - the National Beer Wholesalers Association.  This is a problem.


The NBWA is a trade association (read: lobbying group) that represents the interests of distributors across the United States by working to strengthen the state-based system of alcohol regulation.  In other words, it's their job to keep things the way they are now by preventing federal challenge of state laws.

Why should you care?  Well, if you live in a state where wine shipping is allowed today and you want it to stay that way, passage of this resolution could threaten that.  And if you live in a state where direct shipping is restricted, this resolution would extinguish the efforts already underway to alleviate the anti-competitive legislation in place today.

Read the bill here, then let your congressional representatives know how you feel.

Thanks and cheers