I AM Drinking F-ing Merlot?

Review: 2007 Milbrandt Vineyards Merlot Traditions Columbia Valley

Rating: Balanced and smooth chocolately goodness.  May make you horny for Washington wines...$15

The Rest of the Story: (Big thanks to Philip at Spagio Cellars - again - for turning us on to this.)  Even long before Sideways nearly killed it, Merlot had developed a well-deserved reputation for being a suburban housewife's mediocre salve for the common Tupperware party.  It was over planted, mass produced, and generally used like a cheap rental by the wine industry...

Thankfully, the varietal is still alive and - in some cases - in the good hands of caring winemakers.  For the Milbrandt family, it's all about matching the right grape to the right site.  The back label of this wine claims that, "When grown in the proper places, Merlot produces some of the world’s greatest wines. Eastern Washington just happens to be a proper place..."

Well, bravo, Milbrandt brothers, bravo.

Merlot-haters, wake up.  This is a fantastic wine that will change the way you think about this grape.

The 2007 Milbrandt Vineyards Merlot Traditions packs big flavor with obvious chocolatey goodness.  The texture is like sliding into a bed made with organic jersey cotton sheets, and the finish is long and pleasant.  Definite similarities to the flavors of great Australian wine, but without the heat or massive extraction.

A damn enjoyable wine.