Another Chance At Free Booze!

Nothing gets people's attention like the prospect of free booze. 

Now that you've been suckered in, here's the story:  We're having a bit of an identity crisis here and need your help finding our way back to center.  Okay, it's not really a crisis, but you're more likely to help if you think the situation is desperate, right?  And, really, how desperate can things get on a wine blog?  Ahhhhh....where's my corkscrew??!?!?!?!?!

Anyway, we could use some help with making some adjustments.  So, we put together this survey to help gather some thoughts, ideas, and feedback.  If you feel like venting while you're at it, consider this a golden opportunity.

The process of researching, writing, and getting feedback on reviews is pretty time consuming, so we want to be sure that what we're doing is of value to you, the reader.  If you're ignoring - or not enjoying - something in particular that we're spending a lot of time on then, shucks, we'll stop it.

One question in particular that isn't effectively highlighted in the survey is that of negative reviews.  This is one that we've been struggling with of late.  Do you get value or entertainment out of wine reviews that are, well, less than flattering?  Or are they little more than static?  Click here to take survey.

Furthermore, thoughts and ideas on length, style, content, and anything else are not only welcome, but encouraged.

Um, so what about the free booze???

Ah, yes.  That.  Just like our last reach out to our readers, this one has a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  Better yet, the lucky winner gets to help pick their own prize out. Just ask Jerry.  He won the last Winethropology Sweepstakes and was living la vida loca for weeks...

Click here to take survey