Cotton Candy For Adults

Review: 2008 Bogle Pinot Noir California

Bottom line: Perfectly guzzle-able and smooth, but simple. Candy-like fruit flavor.  $12

The Rest Of The Story:  Last year's vintage of Pinot Noir from Bogle was stellar scoring a solid 4 stars.  The 2008 is a departure from the 2007 in many ways.  First, this is a delcassified wine (plain old California), whereas the 07 was all Russian River Valley fruit - which explains a lot of the difference.

This one certainly falls into the drinkable category, but not the winner's circle.  It's chock full 'o candy-like flavors and has a hot finish and nnose that erodes after an hour or two decanted.  Not much to remark on here, except the lamentation of a bygone vintage.

In fairness, this vintage is a different SKU from last year and has a lower price, but for the $3-4 difference, we'd opt for the 07.  If you see any left out there, grab it.