What's The Deal With Deal Alerts?

While we're still chewing on the survey results, one readily apparent thing is that most readers want to see more deal alerts.  That's great.  We want to bring them to you.

But there's a problem.  Only a small fraction of Winethropology readers subscribe to receive email notification of new posts.  That's fine.  Hey, whatever works for you.  But, if you want deal alerts...

Deals worth alerting you about are typically available for very short periods of time - often less than a day60% of you said that the way you consume content from Winethropology is by checking the site somewhere between once a week to every couple of days. So, when we come across a deal, like we did on Monday morning, it really doesn't do you any good for us to post a new entry on the website about it because by the time you read about it, the deal is long gone.

What's the solution to this?  Email.  You've heard of it, haven't you?  Electronic mail?  On the internets?  It's cool.  You should try it sometime.

So, you want deal alerts?  Sign up to have new posts delivered to your email.  That way when we send out a blast email announcing something awesome enough that we are jumping on it, you'll get them - in time to actually take advantage of.  (You might also consider becoming a subscriber to Winethropology's monthly Cheat Sheet.)

Happy drinking, people.

PS- There's a sick deal over at Wine Til Sold Out going on today.  1997 Burgess Cab for $25.  Yeah, that's 1997.  The current release (2006) retails for $36.