In Search Of Value

Value, Value, Where Art Thou Value?

In preparing this month's newsletter (aka the Cheat Sheet), a realization struck: we're a little light on good wines at lower prices.  The truth is that, for all the wine we reviwed in July, it was a month of a few great wines, and a lot of lackluster, often overpriced wine. We certainly reviewed A LOT of wine this month, but not a lot to get excited about.  At least at the lower end of the price spectrum.


Before going on, let's acknowledge that, yes, value exists at every price point.  But in this case value means, well, less expensive

Focus, focus.  Where were we?  Right.  You're looking for that $12 blockbuster whamo wine, the deeply discounted single vineyard 5 star Cab, the insanely concentrated blend redolent of a lover's underpants...Well, so are we.  We're also smart enough to know that there's strength in numbers. 

So, help out. What's your current go-to value wine?  Chime in.  Share the wealth.  We'll seek the wines out, review them, and make fun of you if they suck. 

What could be more fun?  Oh, and thanks!