Review: 2007 Canard Rosé of Cabernet Napa Valley

A Rosé For Red Wine Drinkers

Bottom Line: A rosé for red wine drinkers.  True Cabernet fruit in a pink package.  Straightforward, dry, and uncomplicated. $12

The Rest Of The Story: Earlier this year, in March to be specific, we spoke with Canard's winemaker Brian Graham.  He was juggling his cell phone in a noisy cellar, busy with assemblage and bottling.  But he was excited - excited about the 2007 vintage.  "If you liked the 2006", he said, "you're going to love the 2007.  It's 200% better."  More...

Promises were made of a shipment of some 2007 Canards as well as his other labels.  But he was busy and had, as he said, "...been tasting since 10:00 AM"  Since then we've kept our eyes open for the 07's, so when we spotted this rosé, we grabbed it.   After all, the 2006 Canard Cabernet is worth all the gushing we've done over it here, here, and here.

When the foil was unwrapped, though, the mark on the cork read 2006.  Hmmm.  So, we asked.  Brian explained, "While bottling our bottler accidentally mixed in our 2006 corks for the reserve Cab we were bottling that day also.  We didn't catch it until later unfortunately...As a consequence we do not put the vintage on our corks anymore."

Whoops!  Undeterred, we gave it a whirl. 

Off-peach in the direction of beige, the color is less pink than many of the rosés we tried in a recent round up.  The nose is clean and dry with lean fruit and signposts for acids ahead.  Medium bodied with true Cabernet flavors, it's refreshing, simple, and finished dry.  No big, fleshy, or whimsical fruit here.  Just a dry finish and a contender for lighter fish and pasta dishes.  A versatile summer food wine and a rosé red wine drinkers would enjoy.  And it's got the cork that was intended for the Reserve Cabernet, so you know it's sealed well...

We're cannot wait for the red 2007's from this small, but very worthy producer.