By The Book. Textbook.

Review: 2007 Gallo of Sonoma Cabernet Sauvignon Sonoma County

Bottom Line: Absolutely textbook Sonoma Cab.  True fruit, proper's all there and all balanced.  Not the most exciting wine on the market, but at $10, it's value is worth getting excited about.  $10

The Rest Of The Story:  What else is there to say?  2007 was a kickin' vintage in northern California?  You knew that already.  Parts of Sonoma grow Cab as rich, robust, and flavorful as the high-end shit overpriced in Napa?  Old news.  Gallo doesn't produce jug wine anymore?  Hello!

Here it is: a risk free Cabernet Sauvignon from a terrific vintage, executed in Gaussian quantities, and to exacting standards.  There's no wow factor to this wine, but if you're looking for an accurate rendition of Cabernet for a sawbuck, this is it.  Available pretty much everywhere.

An honest value well done.