Review: 2006 Franciscan Cabernet Napa Valley

Uh, oh.

Bottom Line: A crack in the facade for what has been a consistent line of reliable Napa Cabernet.  Skip this vintage.

The Rest Of The Story: (Disclosure: This wine was received as a press sample) Moving to a blind tasting format for reviews has its advantages.  But its surprises, too.  This is one of the not-so-good surprises.  For one, it's a little embarrassing that we pegged a Cab as a Zin (what does that tell you about this wine?).  But it also is a less-than-flattering judgement on what has been a consistent source of Napa Cabernet.

Looking back, we reviewed the 2005 vintage of this wine, which we dubbed 'Old Reliable', but the very last line of the review says to skip the 2006.  Well, I guess we're consistent.

Initially pegged as a Zin, the 2006 Franciscan Cab came off as a simple Tuesday night pizza wine.  Tasting like it was made in volume with laboratory-like balance.  Made well, but indistinct.  Simple, straightforward, and checking all the focus group check boxes.  Not a damn thing wrong with it, but not a damn thing excited about it, either.  Medium-full bodied, lots of loose fruit and present toasty oak on the pleasant, but innocuous finish. 

You've had this wine a hundred times, but you paid less than half of the $26 this one retails for.