Review: 2009 The Crusher Rosé of Pinot Noir Clarksburg

The Last Of The Rosés

Bottom Line: Just 'cause it's pink doesn't mean it's a pansy.  No shrinking violet and screwing around.  Refreshing and - pow - a macho Pinot lover's rosé. $14

The Rest Of The Story: (Disclosure: this wine was received as a press sample.)  Another success from the geniuses at Don Sebastiani & Sons who seem to churn out one value winner after another.  From the newer 'The Crusher' line up, this is easily the most distinctive rosé we’ve had this year.   Incredibly true Pinot fruit – not a wafer thin or watered down version - and not much paler than a red Pinot.  Intriguing, interesting, and substantial for a rosé.

A real eye opener.

And apparently exactly what they were going for.  Greg Kitchens, Don & Sons Winemaker said, "Thank you for understanding our intentions. A Big Rose to stand out amongst the crowd.  We are glad you enjoyed it. Cheers!"
The weather might be cooling down, but this hearty rosé will stand up to richer fare and do just fine as you watch leaves fall from your porch.

Don Sebastiani & Sons is the outfit also responsible for The Big Green Box, Aquinas, and Hey Mambo.  Check out their other brands, because if recent history is any indication of future performance, these are ones to keep an eye out for.