Did You Get Yours?

At the beginning of every month we send out a newsletter.  What?  You didn't know?

Yeah.  It's called the Cheat Sheet.  Basically, it's the cream of the crop, the bomb diggety, the foshnizzle mynizzle of the wines we've had in the past month.  But it's not limited to wines you've seen reviewed here.  These'll include wines we're likely be spending our own hard-earned sheckels on.  And often times we include others we just didn't get around to writing full reviews for.

Concise (two pages) and in PDF format, you can print it off or, better yet, access it on that fancy-pants smart phone you're still trying to figure out.  It's got everything you need and nothing you don't: the name of the wine, why it's worth picking up, how much it'll cost you, and a picture of the label

And every month we feature one absolutely do not miss wine, producer, or brand.  How can you resist? 

Oh!  If you already have subscribed, but haven't been getting your monthly dose, let us know.  Chances are it's getting snagged by your spam filter, but let's be sure.