Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we are grateful for a lot.  In keeping with our cheesy tradition of gratitude, this year we give thanks for the following...

The wineries, who take us seriously enough to generously supply us with behind the scenes information and samples, but not so seriously that they send death squads after us when we say something less than flattering.

Our readers, who participate in the ongoing dialog about wine and all that surrounds it. 

Our supporters, without whom newsletters, deal alerts, and site upgrades would not be possible.

Tolerant spouses, who patiently listen to more wine-related content than anyone should be asked to - and who offer really, really good advice, even after it sometimes goes ignored.

Good fortune, because, really, spending time talking about wine instead of worrying about where the next meal is coming from is fortunate indeed.

Our health.  Without a functioning liver, this site might be called WinesBySmell.  Which is like, well, you get the idea.

So, with the sober aspect of this holiday behind us, please make it a safe one.  We'll see you and your bulging waistline back here next week.