Sparkling: Chardonnay's True Calling in the Mendoza?

Review: 2009 Alma Negra Sparkling Chardonnay Medoza

Bottom Line: Chardonnay's true calling in the Mendoza?  Dangerously friendly and surprisingly easy to drink a lot of. A good go-to bubbly for the upcoming holidays.  $20

The Rest Of The Story: (Disclosure: This wine was received as a press sample.)  Hate to say it, but the Chardonnays we've had from Argentina lately have been under whelming.  They seem to be confused, muddled in their flavors, with a nutty funkiness.  Blech.  (Read on...)

Enter Alma Negra, one of Ernesto Catena's projects in Argentina's Valle De Uco (Catena is the talent behind the impressive Tikal Patriota).  Packaged in a sexy bottle no dissimilar to that of the Tikal, the Alma Negra is a sparkling Chardonnay.

Is there a better calling for the nutty flavored white varietals in Mendoza? 

Where the distinct nutty/funky flavors are off-putting in still wines in which undisturbed fruit flavors are prized, they're right at home in a bubbly.  Fast, bright fruit nose.  Wow.  Very easy drinking .  Dangerously easy drinking.  Dry with a long finish.  Falls short of luxurious, but doesn't suffer because of it.  A sparkling you want many successive refills of.  Full flavored without any sweetness.  Just the right saturation of bubbles, too.  Believe it or not, equally good on day two.

Rock on.