How To Get During The Season of Giving

On December 27th, Winethropology will be hosting its Best of the Best Tasting.  Attendees will choose winners from the best wines we've reviewed this year.  Thanks to the generosity of participating wineries, there will be a lot of really good wine on hand that evening.  Rather than charge an entry fee to defray the cost of the event, we will be accepting donations to benefit the Food Bank100% of funds raised will go to the Food Bank.

Knowing that many Winethropology readers are scattered across the map, here's how you can give and get at the same time:
  • Anyone who makes a donation in advance of the event (meaning on Dec 26th or before) will be included in prize drawings at the tasting.  What're the prizes?  Stay tuned, but rest assured, they won't suck.
  • In addition to the wines being poured, many of the participating wineries (see below) have gone above and beyond, supplying us with additional bottles to offer at silent auction.  There isn't a slacker in the bunch.
Again, 100% of funds raised will go to the Food Bank.

So, want to be included in the prize drawing?  Go to the Food Bank's donation page and be sure to write "Winethropology" in the comments section. 

Want to participate in the silent auction even though you can't make it to the tasting?  Contact us and we'll send you a list of what's being offered in the auction.

There are a million causes competing for our attention and wallets - especially this time of year - but the Food Bank focuses on providing the less fortunate with the most essential of needs.  Those needing the Food Bank's help live a reality that is nothing close to Rockwellian .  At this time of year in particular, that's tough to ignore.

The response we've had from wineries has been overwhelming and a terrific reminder of how this industry, at the end of the day, is made up of not just brands and SKU's, but conscientious, generous people doing incredible things.  That said, the brands represented by these terrific folks are included below.

Happy holidays!