Just in Time (Late) For Hanukkah - A Quality Kosher Wine

2005 Yarden Syrah Galilee

Bottom Line: Laugh all you want about wine from the Holy Land, but this elegant Syrah is deserving of first testament mention.  $17-25

The Rest Of The Story: There's a certain itch that gets scratched every time a notable wine reveals itself from the most obscure of origins.  But when you consider this wine's origin, well, you remind yourself that it isn't so obscure after all.

Rather than wax over the well-documented tradition of wine in ancient culture, let's skip ahead to present, where you can put your hands on a solid wine of deliberate constitution from the place where Jesus once walked.

How's that for provenance?

(Disclaimer: This wine was received as a press sample.) Whether or not you worship under the Star of David, this is one wine lovers everywhere should keep their eyes peeled for.

A surprisingly elegant wine, this Galilean Syrah from Golan Heights Winery is as respectable as many more expensive siblings from northern California. 

Gregarious with its expressive dried flower aromatics, the medium-full bodied red seems to have succeeded
in a tricky balancing act.  The fruit is deep and dense without being overly extracted or flabby.  The tannins are certainly recognizable, but well integrated and smoothly textured.  Acids, again, are just enough to lend polish and food-friendliness, but not at the expense of drinking ease.

These attributes, in combination with a lingering, pleasant finish, make this a contender for purchase amongst all wines - not just kosher or Mediterranean.