Full Frontal Assault

Review: 2008 Klinker Brick Zinfandel Lodi Old Ghost

Like its less expensive sibling, the Old Ghost commands attention from first glance.  Bright, highfalutin notes of brashy red fruit, fast heat (16% ABV!) and extracted flavors come at you in a full frontal assault of candy-for-adults-like style.  As the multiple dimensions unwind on the finish, contentment settles in like a lion's warm heavy paw on your chest (to borrow from Billy Collins' imagery).  Despite its intensity, the Old Ghost is not the syrupy, dense variant of Zin, but a youthful, exuberant, and nimble kind. 

Not sure if it's $37 worth of experience, but there's no escaping the appeal of the red headed cheerleader back in high school.