Review: 2007 Zaca Mesa Syrah Santa Ynez Valley

Unfair To Judge At This Age, But It's Got A Bright Future

The 06 vintage of this is the first wine which comes to mind when asked about recent bests.  The 07?  Largely considered to be a classic vintage, it's too early to tell.  Perhaps too early by 3 years - and that's just to evaluate potential.

Closed, dense, focused to the point of myopia.  Hard and tight.  Way, way too early for this wine to be drunk.  Even after 30 hours open it's hard as nails (not in a bad way), but the aromatics hint that when this wine unwinds a bit, it will deliver layer upon layer of rich complexity, perhaps like it's predecessor the 2006, but with more obvious emphasis on its strong suits.

Can't wait!