Review: 2008 Andrew Murray Grenache Terra Bella Vineyard

Anyone who's ever splurged on high end audio equipment knows that there's a big difference between hearing music, discerning tonal granularity, or even identifying subtle nuance of instrumentation - and feeling, experiencing the music.  Andrew Murray's wines speak with a focus and clarity that rings true with uncommon purity - causing you to feel and experience the wine more than just drink it.

In vintages past this was a Paso Robles bottling.  For 2008, Andrew sourced the Grenache from Jack and Dotty Hopkins' Terra Bella Vineyard.  Planted in 2001, the vineyard sits at higher altitudes (1600-1900 ft) in the Adelaida region west of Paso Robles.  The Grenache is the noteworthy Alban clone and is farmed using organic and non-toxic practices.

A medium-bodied wine, this Grenache faithfully reflects both varietal and place.  Rather than deconstruct it, I'll simply tell you (again) to look for his labels.  Best place to get them is direct from Andrew, but you can also find them at Wally's in LA and occasionally on some of the online virtual clearing houses.

I can't wait to meet this guy.  Hopefully he doesn't read this, because when I do meet him, I'm going to give him a great big bear hug.  It could get awkward if he sees it coming.  His wines are so interesting - which is such a terrible word to describe them, but that's what they are.  One to another, there's something to think about.  But overriding that is that they are pervasively enjoyable.