Review: 2009 CHW Pinot Noir Russian River Valley

And The Hits Just Keep Coming...

Regular readers of this blog already know how big a fan it's easy to be of Cameron Hughes, especially for Cabs and Pinots, specifically, Lot 125, a killer Pinot that for a long time set the bar.

Enter Lot 203, a newer Pinot from the Russian River Valley.

By efficient comparison, this ain't no Lot 125.  However, at $15, you simply will not find a better deal on Cali Pinot out there today, let alone made from RRV fruit.

Looks like Pinot should.  The aromatics are a transparent preview to what's to what's to come.  Starting soft and gently creamy, it's got a bit of upfront bite which quickly gives way to a long, pleasurable middle.  Absent layers of complexity (again, it's only $15), it's still an endearing drink.  Finishing with with breezy flowers, this friendly beverage disappears faster than a fart in the wind (shameless Shawshank Redemption quote).

Get some, people.  It could be your first Tuesday night Pinot in eons.