A Trio Of Fresh French Whites - Just In Time For Spring

The good people at importer Frederick Wildman & Sons bring a lot of really good stuff into this country.  Remember the 'Pink=Boobs?' piece from last summer?  That was all their wine.

This spring they've supplied us with another round of diverse wines.  These three are French, fresh, reasonably priced, and ready for warm weather - one CDR blend, one Viognier, and one Sauvignon Blanc.

2009 Jaboulet Parallele 45 Cotes du Rhone Blanc $13
CDR Blanc is a rarity in the US - and that's a shame as this wine proves.  Fresh, but substantive, it's Grenache Blanc (50%) and Viognier (20%) shine through while the Marsanne (20%) adds a punch of credibility, if not seriousness to this terrific bargain intro to CDRB's.  Food or not, this one's good to go.  Despite being a rarity, this particular one should be relatively easy to find.

2009 Attitude by Pascal Jolivet Sauvignon Blanc $18
The back label describes this wine as "...the most modern and unique expression of Sauvignon Blanc by Pascal Jolivet."  Not sure what the real benchmark is there, but there's no question that this is a wine made in a modern, racy style.  In contrast to earth/mineral driven Sancerres, the aptly named Attitude is crisp, zingy, and leaning heavily towards New Zealand in spirit.  Still, there are plenty of flinty acids to keep it squarely in the Loire.  Very enjoyable, but probably more so with a light past/fish dish.

2009 Paul Jaboulet Viognier Secret de Famille $15
One thing you can count on from pretty much any Viognier is its tropical fruit cocktail.  Whether refined or flabby, that signature profile cuts across growing regions, winemaking, and vintages.  In this incarnation, the true-to-form body is bookended by slightly brackish acids that help the fruit speak with clarity and a nuanced nutty and long finish.