The Biggest Surprise Wine This Year - Not Just For Passover

Review: 2009 Galil Mountain Viognier Upper Galilee $15

There is real drinking pleasure to be had in what is likely the biggest surprise wine thus far this year.  Channeling all that is good in Viognier with none of the idiosyncrasies this variety is susceptible to, the purity of this wine is extraordinary.

Simmering aromatics belie the fruit-centric body that follows.  Bright and substantial and unmistakably Viognier.  Rounding out this brimful of optimism are fit acids that frame the flavor without bragging.  Sunshine, laughter, and a good old fashioned outdoor frolic come to mind.  Certainly in the top 3 Viogniers I've ever had.

Here's the kicker: it's from Galilee.  Yup, that Galilee.  And it was probably sent to me (this wine was a press sample, by the way) in the hopes of earning a recommendation for Passover.


This deserves much more frequent visitation.  It's time to start looking more closely at your retailer's Kosher shelf!

Excellent Viognier.  Doubly so at this price.