Too Good To Sit On

Review: 2010 Lapostolle Casa Sauvignon Blanc Rapel Valley $12

This year's off to a much better start if the quality of samples is any indication.  And while this one was tasted as part of an upcoming 'Refreshing Whites For Summer Drunkeness' piece, it's too good to sit on.

This wine embodies what American Sauvignon Blanc used to be loved for: fresh cut grass, green apple, clarity, purity, and freshness.  Where modern Sauvignon Blancs are either attempting tangier heights (NZ) or seriousness (Napa), this one hits a nostalgic note with its simplicity.  Instant infatuation.  Absolutely terrific.
Outstanding.  Definitely a contender for the year end competition.

The SRP on the data sheet says $18, but I just saw it at the grocery store for $9.99.