Champagne Week - NV Trapiche Extra Brut Mendoza

Exhibit A in our week-long investigation into whether or not Champagne deserves to be let out of the New Year's Eve/ladies luncheon box is a sparkling wine from Argentina.  And it's a winner.  It's also data point #2 as to Chardonnay's true calling in the Mendoza.  (Here's data point #1.) 

(Full disclosure: This wine was received as a press sample.) If you've always wondered what Champagne might taste like if it were full bodied, here's your chance - and at a relative bargain.  WOW, this is not like other sparkling wines you've had.  Solid frame of barrel fermented Chardonnay, but with the hallmarks (and bubbles) of secondary fermentation.  This is a bubbly that will appeal to non-bubbly drinkers.  It'd be darn close to a 5 if it were a bit drier, but still a heck of a good drinking sparkler for $15.

Drink this the same way you'd drink an Old World Chardonnay - with a full flavored chicken or fish dish.  Champagne is off to a terrific start this week!