Civics Lesson #2 - Accepting Your Congressman's Rebuttal

Okay, so there really wasn't a Civics Lesson #1 other than that little piece on HR 1161 a couple of months ago.  Just to refresh your memory, HR 1161 proposes to preempt any Federal legislation that might promote interstate trade of beer and wine. 

Anyway, following my own advice, I wrote to my congressman, Representative Steve Stivers to express my concern.  He wrote back.  Images of these letters follow, but the skinny is this:  I said, "Me likey me winey."  He said, "Yeah, but I ain't down wit dat."

In fairness, I've got to give this guy credit.  It's the first time I've heard the argument for self-direction at the local level as a societal right. At least that's better than the underage drinking argument.

What's next?  Civics Lesson #3: getting past first base.  Stay tuned.