Bourbon For A Cause

Two Cupcakes

Don't Turn Your Nose Up At The Lower Shelf

Cupcake gave us the New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc that took home the gold at the 2010 Best Of tasting - at a whopping retail price of $12.  So, it should come as no surprise that their stable is capable of producing other winners. 

Exhibit A: their Pinot Noir.

2008 Cupcake Pinot Noir Central Coast $12
Smoke and funk on the nose, but in a smooth package.  Palate has spicy fruit with a gentle vanilla.  A little bit of heat and a long pleasing finish.  Not a Pinot of exceptional breeding and caliber, but, wow, very, very enjoyable.  Straightforward and solid, very solid.

Alas, not every child can be a prodigy...

2008 Cupcake Shiraz Barossa Valley $11

Tutti fruity nose, but the palate gets a bit more serious. Solid fruit core and ripe without being pruny, but the disjointed acids unravel the package.