Pink Week - Final Wrap

After a week of pink, what do you make of all these rosé?   Have we learned anything? Maybe.  Before we recap on conclusions, here's a quick recap on the wines and their respective scores in loose order of preference:

2009 Chateau Mayne Sansac Bordeaux Rosé (far and away the best of tasting) $10
2010 El Coto de Rioja Rosado (solid 2nd place) $10
2010 Hecht & Bannier Rosé Languedoc $12
2010 M. Chapoutier Côtes du Rhône Rosé Belleruche $12
2009 Château Garrineau Envie d'été Rosé $10
2010 Paul Jaboulet Rosé Côtes du Rhône P45 $14

So, does rosé deserve legitimacy beyond ladies' luncheons?  Sometimes. 

Sorry, no absolutes here.  Not today.  Really, though, these wines demonstrate a lack of consistency, particularly in the 2010 vintage, that frustrates consumers.  Does that mean you should stay away?  No.  There is definitely some eye-opening drinking enjoyment to be had in rosé.  Experiement a little.  None of these wines are going to break the bank.  Just keep in mind these simple guidelines:
  • Buy the the 2009 vintage over 2010. Really. It's a big difference.
  • Rioja, Bordeaux, and the Rhone should be your go to regions. In that order.