Pink Week. Lots And Lots Of Pink Wine. Yes, Pink!

It's that time of year again.  With Memorial Day behind us, it's now acceptable to wear seersucker suits, docksiders with no socks, and...drink rosés.  Last year we did a round up of 6 rosés from the 2009 vintage

This year, we move to the (mostly) 2010s.  And, with this post, kick off a week of rosés.

Opinions vary widely about this often ridiculed wine, but research suggests that consumption of rosé is on the rise, mostly by women (but definitely not by this guy). By contrast, the simpler sex still seems to be hung up on the traditionally effeminate color. I guess it's okay for the girls to have their own wine, but, seriously, men, you drank pink lemonade as a kid. Get over it.

This week we seek to ask a less vain question: does rosé deserve legitimacy beyond ladies' luncheons?

In pursuit of the answer, we'll review one a day this week. Feel free to drink along.

First things first: If you're into rosé, or even just rosé-curious, the most important points to remember about shopping for rosés today are:
  • Buy the the 2009 vintage over 2010.  Really.  It's a big difference.
  • Rioja, Bordeaux, and the Rhone should be your go to regions.  In that order.