Something You Want To Get In On Right Now

We interrupt this Week of Pink for a very special announcement.

Anyone who has spent any time around the wine producing community here in the US knows that this industry is made up of not just brands and SKU's, but conscientious, generous people doing incredible things.  Case in point: longtime Winethropology favored winemaker Andrew MurrayReaders who were lucky enough to attend the 2010 Best Of Tasting remember how the bottles he donated for the slient auction helped raise big bucks for The Food Bank. 

In keeping with their commitment to the community, Andrew and his wife, Kristen, have come up with a win-win-win program and you should get in on it It's called Root Causes and it's a fund raising program tied in to their retail wine sales.  Here's what you need to know:
  • 30% of all online wine sales go to a selected charity.  Not 5% or 10%, 30 freaking percent, people. 
  • $100 gets donated for every new wine club sign up,   A crisp Benjamin for the kiddies.  It's like Christmas in June.
  • The current selected nonprofit is the Storyteller Children's Center, a daycare/school for homeless and at-risk children that requires parents to pursue work or school.  Seriously, how can you not get behind that?
  • It's just this week.  Get on it.
You get great wine, the kids get funding they really need, and the world is a better place.  What are you waiting for?