7 Refreshing Whites To Consider. Or Not

No more preamble needed than that.  From all corners of the globe and all levels of worthiness, here they are:

Disclosure: These wines were all received as press samples.

2009 Chateau Lamothe Vincent Bordeaux Blanc $15
Terrific example of Bordeaux blanc.  Even-keeled, refreshing, and with enough character to keep it interesting.  Zesty freshness framed in subtle acids make this friendly beverage a winner for every occasion.  If you haven't gotten into white Bordeaux, this will convince you to.

2010 El Coto Rioja Blanco $10
Hot damn!  Bearing more than a passing resemblance to a modern Sauvignon Blanc, this Rioja (made from Viura grapes) is a mouthful of crisp, zesty fun.  Definitely a lighter-bodied wine, its acids keep it dry without biting.  Drink on a hot evening or on a day escaped from the office.  Very pleasing bargain.

2010 Santi Soave Classico Vigneti di Monteforte $16
I liked this more than I expected to as many whites from this region lack a soul.  But what we have here is a light-medium bodied wine of almost perfect balance and flawlessly smooth texture.  Good luck finding anyone who won't enjoy this quencher.

2008 Metis Sauvignon Blanc Hawkes Bay $22
A Frenchman makes wine in New Zealand.  Interesting.  Subtle, sophisticated, and layered.  A thinking person's wine.  Slightly modern, nuanced, and well made.  More French than Kiwi.  And more expensive than Kiwi, too.

2009 Mt Beautiful Sauvignon Blanc Cheviot Hills $17
A wine geek's wine.  Fast, bright, and bracing nose with a faint mettalic twinge on the linger.  Subtle, nuanced, fast, tight, and with a tart edge that dissipates quickly and integrates well.  New Zealand style for those looking to think more than drink.

2009 Glazebrook Sauvignon Blanc Marlborough $15
Super light color, crisp, lean, and under ripe with a metallic edge.  Lots of lime and acid - to the point of astringency.  Absolutely need food to find a home, otherwise it falls short of working.

2010 Michele Torino Estates Cuma Torrontes $13
Viscous, sickly sweet nose, and a bitter, dry palate.  Disjointed and lacking in redeeming qualities.  Or maybe I'm just not a Torrontes person.