Winethropology Gets a Scholarship To WBC11!

Someone in the scholarship department must have been confused , but who am I to correct them?  Thanks to the generous support of this year's Wine Bloggers Conference sponsors, Winethropology has been invited as a sponsored guest.  This year the event is being held in lovely Charlottesville, Virginia, the stepping off point for much of Virginia wine country. 

Aside from being a gathering place for the masses of amateur writers who toil away on the subject of wine, WBC11 is a terrific opportunity to rub elbows with the likes of Jancis Robinson, Eric Asimov, and a whole lot of producers who want to get as much of their wine into your mouth as possible.

Rough, eh?

Well, if you've ever thought about attending a conference focused on wine, writing, or both, this is a terrific place to do it.  For a very reasonable entrance fee, you, too, can be a part of the magic.  Register here.

Now, for those of you looking for the secret to landing a scholarship like this, keep reading for the original application.  Cheers!

WBC Scholarship Application – America 2011

Overview: Winethropology is a wine review and buying advice blog targeted at value-conscious consumers. Through surveys and other feedback we have learned that millennials like the relaxed style of our occasionally unvarnished reviews, focus on QPR, and inclusion of non-California wines. Boomers also value our honesty, articulating how important it is for them to know what to avoid spending their hard earned money on just as much as knowing what wines they should buy by the case. Not surprisingly, our tell-it-like-it-is approach occasionally ruffles some feathers, but thankfully we haven’t had any death threats. Yet.

Requested funds: Regrettably, my dreams of becoming disgustingly wealthy by selling an internet startup have not come to fruition. Therefore, I will only be able to attend if the registration, hotel, and (partial) airfare are underwritten by scholarship. At least part of my airfare and meals on the ground should be very workable, though. I guess I’d better get rolling on that internet start up soon.

Why WBC? I’ve attended other wine writing events (i.e. Symposium for Professional Wine Writers) and many trade-focused events, but never one geared towards equipping attendees for the unique challenges the blogging medium presents. No question I’d benefit from it. That, and Eric Asimov is a great guy to drink with after hours.

  1. As an active member of the wine blogging community – or at least one corner of it – I’m eager to help others by sharing my experiences. My counsel is sought after by newbie’s and veterans alike, just as I reach out to seek others’. This really is a collaborative, open community.
  2. I am unafraid to challenge ideas based on perception rather than empirical substance. This industry is riddled with self-interested prophesying posing as fact (read: bullshit artists). Whether in discussions of trends, economics, or what readers want, there’s value in peeking beneath the covers. I enjoy facilitating that.
  3. I’m smart enough to know that I am rarely the smartest person in the room. The more you learn, the more there is to learn. Do you really need another egomaniac in the crowd? Besides, wine is a beverage, not a competition. 
  4. I was raised with good manners and know how to be a guest. At least I think so.
Wow, that was tooting my own horn, wasn’t it?
Why Me? As for why you should consider my application, I think my presence there would be a good thing for the conference. Here’s why: