Review: 2007 Luce

From the lauded Frescobaldi winemaking powerhouse comes this Merlot/Sangiovese blend, prepackaged with high expectations - and a hefty price tag ($90).

Surprisingly dark and dense.  Concentrated and extracted, but coy and teasing at the same time.  (How very Italiana.)  Nose is full of excitement: modern and fresh, but with an Italian soul.  Polished, elegant, and balanced. Oak and Merlot take center stage over the Sangiovese framing.  Definitely benefits, if not requires, hours decanted. 

If there was ever an Italian red for Napa Cabernet fans, this is it: driven by modernity and leveraging the best of Montalcino's vines.  There's tough competition in this price bracket, but this is a low risk benchmark for high-end super Tuscans.  A terrific wine to lay down, especially as a 10th anniversary wine.

Would love to taste this wine again in 5 years or so...oh, wait...Who am I kidding?  I'd love to taste it again tomorrow.  But at this price point, the long finish will have to suffice.