What Goes Well With Market Tumult?

Winethropology brought you indispensable drinking advice a couple of weeks ago with the cleverly titled piece, "What To Drink On Armadebtagain."  Who knew how prescient that AA Red Blend recommendation would turn out to be?  (Or how we'd be stocking up on the Chateau Maalox...)

In light of the ongoing developments following our nation's downgrade, we offer as a follow up some timely reviews.  True to our frank nature, some are definitely to be avoided, while others are must-drinks whilst watching your stock portfolio go for a ride on the rodeo bull.  Or is it the rodeo bearRegardless, pick yourself up some of these choice bottles, sit back, and enjoy the show.  And remember, retirement is overrated.

2008 Volatility Red - Woah!  It's been a few years, but you remember this wild beast well.  Bold acidity on the attack surprises and quickly turns out of control.  Nothing, not even the plummeting nose, keeps this thing in check.  The finish is short, but the bruising body lingers.

2011 Calmer Estate, President's Cuvee - A quiet, meek wine ignored in the brashy lineup of other wines.  Though it probably would be worth paying attention to if nothing else were going on, the essence of this wine's meaning gets lost in the shuffle.

2012 Coping Mechanism Shiraz - Anyone complaining about alcohol levels being too high in wine should stay away from this high octane monster.  Tipping the scales at 28% ABV, it takes some getting used to, but goddamn, it is exactly what the doctor ordered after the week I've had.

2020 2nd Career Carignagne - Starts fresh, but quickly turns to odd, uncomfortable, and out of place.  Aromas of sneering young millenials and overtones of incomprehensible technologies make this an intimidating wine.

Whatever you're drinking during this national tumult, make sure you have plenty of tissues on hand.  Oh, and egg your Congressman's house.