Shocking Sparkler

Review: NV Cupcake Prosecco DOC $9

This confirms it....too many data points line up for it to be coincidence.  Save one or two exceptions, Cupcake has become a brand synonymous with surprising quality and value.  We've seen this with wines marketed under this label from across the globe.

The latest installment in this trend is an Italian sparkler which exceeded expectations.  Served blind to a panel (including a Champagne-only bubbly drinker), no one was fooled by its origin, but when unveiled...well, let's just say brows were raised.

The back label says, "...fruity peaches, nectarines..." which, in wine marketing parlance translates to, "...sweet, bubbly, hangover...".  But this is one label which sells the wine short.  This clean, bright, Prosecco manages to walk the tightrope between crispness and body.  The finish also strikes a deft balance - letting you know it's still there without glomming on to you like a groupie.  And at under $10 - wow - bravo!