A Damn Good Bargain

I've said this before, but I'm saying it again.  You've got to put your hands on some of this.

I recently made the argument for corporate wines, or wines made in enormous quantities by large mega-wine companies.  While my most recent recommendations advocate looking into these companies' reserve and vineyard-specific programs, there are some made-for-the-masses wines that are equally deserving of your attention.  This is one.

With a quarter of a million cases produced in the 2007 vintage, it's no surprise that you can find this wine everywhere.  A few nights ago I pulled the last remaining bottle of this from the cellar to have with a simple Tuesday night meal.  If I liked this Merlot before, I love it now.  It over delivers in every sense.  Lush, rich fruit, terrific structure, and a finish longer than a Carlos Santana solo.  Though hardly on its way down, this wine could be peaking right now - which is why I promptly went out and grabbed another 6 pack of it from the lower shelf at the grocery store.

At $10, this is one bargain you really shouldn't deny yourself.  Get it before it's gone!

2007 Columbia Crest Merlot Columbia Valley Grand Estates