9 Awesome Things About Champagne

As a follow up to the recent piece extolling the virtues of everyday bubbly (or, more accurately, bubbly every day), the following points offer compelling logic on why you should get off the sidelines and start drinking bubbly as part of your regular imbibing repertoire:
  1. Even inexpensive Champagne can make you feel like a millionaire.
  2. Non-occasions are transformed into spontaneous memories with a bottle of bubbly.
  3. It is perfectly acceptable to drink with breakfast.
  4. It is a very elegant drink.  Just ask Princess Kate.
  5. It is a very macho beverage.  Just ask James Bond.
  6. Speaking in a foreign accent comes naturally while drinking Champagne: British, French, oligarchical Russian...(just not Canadian.)  If your companions have had enough, they won't care.
  7. It induces laughter.  Try frowning while drinking Champagne.  Just try.  I dare you.
  8. It goes with anything: caviar, chocolate, scrambled eggs...even gossip and reality TV.
  9. It'll hold its bubbles for a few days.  If you don't finish a bottle, cork it back up real tight (with a still wine cork) and repeat the fun a day or two later.
  10. Wine author extraordinaire at the New York Times and uber kung-fu master (aikido and jujutsu, actually) Eric Asimov just penned a piece confessing that "I drink them year round, with all sorts of foods, for any occasion, but more important, for no occasion at all."  Gotta love his mojo.

Okay, so that's ten, not nine.  Whatevs.  What's your favorite thing about Champange?